Waiting For My Train


Sad news that the Velvet Underground’s lead singer and guitarist, Lou Reed, has died after a battle with a liver-related disease. Reed added the raw power and grunge factor to the more avant-garde doodlings and noodlings of John Cale and Nico to make a formidable and ground-breaking sound.

Reed’s subject matter often focused on the seamier side of life – transsexual lust in Walk On The Wild Side and drug use in Waiting for my Man and Heroin – reminding us that rock and roll wasn’t just about boy meets girl.

The celestial gods marked Reed’s passing by sending strong gales across southern England overnight. Such is the risk averse society we live in that our train companies gave up the ghost and weren’t able to offer any semblance of a service this morning.

God knows, our daily commute is tedious enough that it could do with the frisson of excitement that not knowing whether you would be derailed, hit by a falling tree or shunted into a siding for a few hours could generate. But, hey, far better to charge premium fares and not offer a service.

So I along with thousands of others are marooned at home. What a Perfect Day!

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