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Irony Of The Week (3)


It is always difficult to know what is a fitting memorial for a loved one or an iconic figure. There is a lot to be said for choosing something environmentally friendly, green and sustainable.

But this comes with its own dangers as this delicious story from L.A shows. A pine tree sapling was planted in Griffith Park in LA in memory of the former Beatle, George Harrison. Harrison spent his last days in the city before his death in 2001 and was a keen gardener. By 2013 the sapling had grown to around 10 feet tall. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, it was reported this week that the tree had died, having been infested by – yes, you guessed it – beetles!

As the guitarist so eloquently put it, “For the forest to be green, each tree must be green”. Quite! A new tree is to be planted.


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