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Divine Intervention Of The Week


Verily, the Lord moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

Prionda Hill from Fort Wayne in Indiana was arrested after running over a motorcyclist in her car. Apparently immediately before the accident God told the motorist that he would take over and so she let go of the wheel and sat back. Unfortunately, the Lord, who being an Englishman may have been confused by the left hand drive or else may have been momentarily distracted by more pressing concerns, proceeded to drive straight over Anthony Oliveri, heading in the opposite direction. The unfortunate cyclist suffered broken ribs and  a damaged spleen and kidney.

Astonishingly, Oliveri, at the moment of his crisis, also took comfort in the Lord, saying to himself as Hill’s bumper loomed towards him that if that was the way that God wanted to do it, then that is the way we are going to do it.

What it is to have God on your side!


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