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Goodwill Of The Week


It is the season of goodwill but it seems that we are only prepared to extend it so far.

Somewhat surprisingly, a survey of some 2,000 respondents has revealed that one in four of us wouldn’t trust our neighbours to take delivery of a parcel and 11% of us suspect that our neighbours have stolen a parcel in the past.

Our distrust of our neighbours is such that 68% of us wouldn’t entrust them with our keys, 89% of us with our pets and 94% with our relatives.

This rather gloomy perspective cast on our neighbourliness presents particular problems this time of year – and a phenomenal business opportunity to click and collect businesses – when internet shopping reaches its peak. 26% of us have either gone into work late or left work early to take delivery of a parcel rather than entrust a neighbour to take delivery of it. An astonishing 6% just call in sick on the day of delivery.

No man is an island – bah humbug, I say!


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