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We have a water feature in our garden at Blogger Towers. One of my tasks every Spring is to put it together and every Autumn to dismantle it. We empty it and put away the pump so that the base and mechanism isn’t damaged by frost or ice. Alternatively, if you can’t be arsed to do all that twice a year, you could always pour anti-freeze into the feature. Works a treat, I’m told.

And, as a slightly bizarre exchange in the House of Commons recently revealed, there is an added advantage – anti-freeze is injurious to cats and other small animals.

Unbeknownst to me, and I am sure many others, there is cat carnage going on at the moment. According to Mark Spencer, Conservative MP for Sherwood – good to know they have their priorities right – 50 cats a month are dying as a result of anti-freeze poisoning. Ethylene glycol in anti-freeze has a sweet taste to small animals – and Austrians – but is extremely toxic when consumed in small doses, leading to kidney failure and even death.

Mr Spencer, who voted against the investigation of food bank usage in the UK and for the introduction of the Bedroom Tax, demanded that the Environment Minister, George Eustice, make it mandatory for anti-freeze products to contain Bitrex which would deter cats and other animals from drinking the water. Sensibly, the Minister rejected the call.

Strange old world really!


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