Political Debate Of The Week


Lest it has escaped your attention we will be subjected to a General Election in May of next year, an opportunity, I’m sure, for us to lament the standard of political debate. Fewer politicians these days expose themselves to the public hustings, severely limiting the opportunities for the hoi polloi to demonstrate their antipathy towards them by pelting them with objects, an age-old tradition it has to be said.

I’ve always felt that we have been pretty uninventive with the objects we throw at our politicians. Eggs and tomatoes, rotten or otherwise, seem so passé.

Well, I’m pleased to report, the Belgians, denizens of a country that has never struck me as being up there at the forefront of innovation, have raised the bar and set a challenge that I’m sure some red-blooded Brits will rise to.

News reached me this week that the Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, was pelted with French fries with a topping of mayonnaise – a Belgian delicacy – when he was about to make a speech in Namur. They have form – both Nicholas Sarkozy and Bill Gates have been pelted with custard pies there.

Perhaps we will see in 2015 a haggis in Scotland, a black pudding in Lancashire, a Yorkshire pud in Yorkshire and a plate of jellied eels in London selected as weapons of choice as the electorate engage with their elected leaders in the cut and thrust of political debate. I will look forward to the campaign with renewed interest!

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