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The 101st Use For A Christmas Tree


So the twelfth night has been and gone, the Christmas decorations are down and you are left with the dilemma of what to do with the tree. Here at Blogger Towers we have a ready solution – our tree is an artificial one and we just pack it away.

But some resourceful denizens of the German town of Weidenthal have come up with a more imaginative solution. They hold an annual Christmas Tree Throwing World Championship, the latest of which took place last Sunday.

The competition held at the Knut-Fest as it is known without a hint of irony has three disciplines – the Weitwurf where the tree is hurled javelin style, the Hammerwurf where it is thrown like a hammer and the Hochwurf where it is projected over a bar like a high jump. The winner is the competitor with the best score across the three disciplines based on distance and height. Take a bow, Hubert Bielenbach, this year’s winner.

When all this is over, the trees are set alight.



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