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Beer Of The Week

fin whale

Here’s something different. A brewery in Iceland, Steðji – not one I‘ve come across – has announced this week that from January 23 it will be selling a new brew, Hvalur 2. Nothing unusual in that, of course, but the vital ingredient in this brew which will give the hooch its distinctive flavour is smoked testicles from fin whales. The whales‘ nadgers are cured according to an old Icelandic process and then lightly salted and smoked. One testicle goes into a brew and the resultant beer has a strength of 5.2 per cent.

Inevitably, the brewery has run into some criticism from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group who have described it as immoral and outrageous to use whale meat to make beer. Whilst the Icelanders have banned the use of whale meat in food stuffs, the director of Vesturland Public Health Safety has confirmed that whales‘ bollocks are OK. So the brewery has got the green light and expects to sell out its batch of 5,000 litres, even at Icelandic prices, in record time.

Who‘s going to be the first to say it’s the dog‘s bollocks?!


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