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‘Elf And Safety Move Of The Week


Proof positive this week of the all-pervasive reach of ‘Elf and Safety.

Visitors to the Deep in Hull this week might have been disappointed that they could not see the seven Gentoo penguins that are part of the attractions there. They have been removed from their enclosure because the artificial ice was too slippery for them. Heaven knows, I’m not an expert on penguins but if there was ever a creature that was used to getting around slippery surfaces I would put my money on a penguin.

But, according to the spokesman at the Deep (and I use their actual words), “the covering did not have enough grip in it for them to stick on to and we had a bit of a skidding situation”.

Happily, more grit has been added to the paint, the skidding situation has been averted and the penguins are back on display from tomorrow. Don’t all rush at once!


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