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Terrorist Of The Week


Another form of terrorist threat came to my attention this week – the bubo bubo.

This is not another manifestation of religious fundamentalism but an eagle owl, doubtless radicalised in its nest, that is terrorising the poor denizens of the Dutch town of Purmerend at night.

According to reports, dozens of residents have suffered head injuries as the rogue owl swooped down on their nappers. Two runners were attacked last Tuesday, one of whom required stitches to five separate head wounds.

It is gratifying to hear that big business is coming to the rescue – Rabobank donating umbrellas to the townsfolk with which to defend themselves and hiring a falcon.

What I haven’t been able to establish is whether there is a higher than average number of syrup wearers in the town. After all, these owls only normally go after small furry creatures.


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