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Gastronomic Surprise Of The Week


Who’d have thought it?

I’m fairly adventurous in my eating and have a policy of munching my way through the animal kingdom before the worms and maggots exact their collective revenge. But I have always fought shy of fugu. The cognoscenti say that the tingle on the lips from the deadly neurotoxins in the organs of the puffer fish are to die for (often literally) as are, doubtless, the intense bouts of sickness and breathlessness that can follow and the sensation of the stomach pump being applied.

Still there are some prepared to take the risk and some restaurants, for the right amount of yens, willing to serve it.

Five diners, all men (natch) in their 40s and 50s, were taken ill the next day after eating the banned, poisonous parts of the fish in a restaurant in Wakayama. The restaurant has been closed down since.

Some people never learn!


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