Compromise Of The Week


I was delighted to learn this week that a compromise has been found to a long-standing dispute between man and elf.

A new road development planned on the Alftanes peninsula near Rejkavik was halted because its route would go through a piece of land which contained a 12 foot jagged rock which is considered to be the Ofeigskirkja used by the Huldufolk who are derived from the elves of Norse myth. The Icelandic Supreme Court accepted arguments made in 2013 that the road would disturb a protected area of culturally important elf habitat.

A deal, though, has now been brokered by a self-declared seer, Ragnhildur Jonsdottir, who has persuaded the authorities to move the rock close to other rock formations. The elves, she claims, have had eighteen months to come to terms with the move. So peace is restored.

Makes Bjork seem normal!

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