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Waste Of The Week


My attention this week has been drawn to matters excremental.

Firstly, I read that First West of England are to operate the first Bio-Bus service in the Bristol area. The so-called Poo Bus runs on biomethane gas which has been converted from human and household waste. The bus will run along the No 2 route (natch) and the operators are hoping to extend the service, depending on the availability of suitable waste. I just hope the service is regular.

Dog crap on pavements and other public areas is a continual menace. This week the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (natch) announced at a dog fouling summit that they will require all dogs to have their DNA tested as part of the licensing process. Council officials will then DNA test any steaming pile of dog turds they find, track down the culprit and fine their owners. The register, maintained by PooPrints UK, is said to have an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

You couldn’t make it up!

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