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Wally Of The Week


Driving these days is a frustrating experience particularly on the crowded highways of the South East. If you are crawling along in nose-to-tail traffic, how best to amuse yourself?

Well, of course, you could crank up the stereo or surf the airwaves to find something mildly entertaining but after a while these conventional forms of in-car entertainment pall.

Well, this week an enterprising but, to date, unnamed chap was photographed on the A27 near Chichester putting into practice a novel new way to entertain yourself in traffic. He was photographed by a Miss Carr (natch), a passenger on a nearby coach, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the neck of a guitar. The photograph was sufficiently clear – wonderful things, these digital jobbies – to enable the instrument to be identified as a five-string Warwick bass guitar which, I’m reliably informed, retails for around £500.

What a wally! Everyone knows you need two hands to play a guitar.

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