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Red Faces Of The Week


I know public finances are under pressure and the authorities need to get their hands on every penny they can find (especially after last Thursday) but, really, this story which came to my attention this week takes the biscuit.

Sometime last year Ainfield Cycle Centre in Cleator Moor in Cumbria was broken into by persons unknown (as they say) and goods to the value of £2,500 were removed.

A little later the Old Bill of the Cumbrian variety had reason to call on one John Anderson and on searching his gaff found him to be in possession of a pedal cycle, cycle frames and wheels which seemed to match the description. The recovered property was put into storage at Whitehaven police station and Anderson had his collar felt, charged with handling stolen goods.

Up before the beak on Wednesday – the judge was Paul Batty QC (natch) – Anderson had a stroke of luck. It emerged that the exhibits which were an essential part of the prosecution’s evidence could not be produced because, embarrassingly, they had recently been sold by the Old Bill at an auction.

Result – collapse of case, Anderson got off scot-free and Judge Batty was less than amused.

Verily, the wheels of justice move in mysterious ways!


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