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Fish Of The Week


Thanks to the publication of Prince Charles’ Black Spider letters the Patagonian toothfish or Dissotichus eleginoides to its mates has had its moment in the sun.

Now we have long known he has had a penchant for old trout but this fish, which can weigh in at around 100kg and grows to around 2 metres in length and is to be found in Antarctic and sub Antarctic waters, was the subject of some correspondence between the heir to the throne and the then Environment Secretary, Elliot Morley. What got the Prince’s goat was that the fish was the victim of illegal fishing, reducing the numbers available for the poor albatross, a Royal favourite it seems, to feed on.

A shame we all agree but hardly a topic that should be top of the British government’s agenda. “Let them eat Patagonian toothfish” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Marie Antionette’s aphorism, “Let them eat cake”. Might end the same way, though!

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