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Dilemma Of The Week


Being the age I am I find I spend more of my leisure time with people at the elderly end of the age spectrum. One of the moral dilemmas this poses is what to do if you are enjoying a social event and one of your party keels over.

Fortunately, the answer was revealed this week, I read, by the good folk at Gala Bingo. An 86 year-old player fell ill whilst enjoying a game of housey-housey at the Gala Bingo hall in Crawley. Initially, proceedings were halted but play recommenced even as an ambulance arrived and paramedics tended to the woman.

According to the ever-caring Gala, such incidents happen quite often in bingo and the company’s policy is to carry on as normal.

So there we have it – check they are breathing, call an ambulance and get back to enjoying yourself. Another of life’s many dilemmas solved!

Turning to matters UKIP, surely this is the Question of the Week?

If you are forced to resign in humiliating circumstances for calling your party leader snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive, have you not just made your case?



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