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Stunt Of The Week


The inexorable and lamentable decline of the Archers to a level that even Eastenders viewers would blanche at means that there is little to encourage me to tune the cat’s whiskers these days.

Perhaps what we need is the sort of innovative programming that Danish commercial radio station Radio 24syv can boast. Take Monday, for instance. In an attempt to stimulate a live discussion of animal welfare the host of a morning show beat a baby rabbit, named Allan, to death with a bicycle pump on air (pun intended). The station posted clips on its Facebook page (natch), the first of which shows Asgher Juhl, the perpetrator of this strange stunt, petting the poor creature and the second showing Juhl and his accomplice, Kristoffer Eriksen, standing in eager anticipation as Allan’s body parts cooked on a stove.

In a (feeble) attempt to explain the stunt, the editor-in-chief claimed that Danes voraciously ate meat without stopping to consider the sort of life the animals lived or how they died.

Of course, the Danes have previous in this sort of thing. Copenhagen zoo hit the news last year when it shot Marius the giraffe and subsequently four lions that were surplus to requirements. The Danes even have a word for the killing of rabbits, kaninslagtning.

Would have been better on TV, though.


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