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Old Codgers Of The Week – Part Three


More tales of the derring-do of the elderly.

This week I read that Harriette Thompson from Charlotte in North Carolina became, at the age of 92 years and 65 days, the oldest woman to complete a marathon when she finished the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in 7 hours 24 minutes and 36 minutes. She snatched the record from the previous incumbent, Gladys Burrill, who was a mere spring chicken at 92 years and 65 days when she completed the 2010 Honolulu marathon.

Harriette started running marathons in her youth – 76 – and only missed the San Diego race once – in 2013 when she was suffering from oral cancer.

Asked how she felt, Harriette recalled her grandmother’s words, “I feel just like I did when I was 16 but I just can’t move as fast”. Quite!

Equally impressive but, perhaps, less energetic is 97 year-old Dorothy Caldwell who will be the world’s oldest rally car navigator when she takes the seat next to her 72 year-old son for the Endurance Rally Association Trans-America Challenge starting tomorrow. Stylishly, they will be travelling in a 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III for the 6,000 mile 22 day trip.

You can’t keep the good uns down!


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