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Peccatogenesists Of The Week


I think I may have spotted a new trend – the rise of the peccatogenesists.

Having clambered to the top of a mountain there is nothing for it but to strip off for a group photo to be posted on social media to be viewed by your myriad “friends”. Of course, you need to be careful where you do it and atop a sacred mountain which the local tribe believes houses the spirits of their dead ancestors is probably not the smartest move.

Not only did the antics of Eleanor Hawkins and her friends land them in chokey but, according to the Sabah state deputy minister, it so angered the spirits that it triggered off a magnitude 5.9 and, regrettably, fatal earthquake. Ironically, and we love irony, the quake may well have formed a new and safer trail to Mt Kinabalu, offering more opportunities for selfies in the buff.

No sooner had we had time to digest this than we learnt about the unanticipated flooding of the Vere in Tbilisi which as well as killing at least a dozen people destroyed the local zoo and prompted the local keepers to practise a spot of animal care straight out of the Copenhagen zoological manual ie wholesale slaughter of the beasts.

It didn’t take long for the spectre of peccatogenesis to rear its ugly head. Up popped Patriarch Ilia II, the head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, to finger the Communists for the flood – after all, they had ordered all the crosses and bells of the churches to be melted down and the money raised to be used to build the zoo in the first place. A bit of divine retribution, in other words.

The desire to find a scapegoat – admittedly a bit difficult in Tbilisi at the moment as they’ve shot them all – to explain the unexpected is never far away from us, it seems.

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