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Trouper Of The Week


Is it just me or has the Glastonbury festival (or Glasto as we are encouraged to call it) gone to the dogs? It is now little more than Ascot in wellies. No wonder if the best they can do is have Florence and the Machine (to whom subtlety is a foreign concept), Kanye West (to whom modesty is an alien concept) and the antediluvian Who singing I hope I die before I get old as headliners.

Still, for me the highlight of the festival was the set of swing band The Jive Aces on the Avalon stage on Saturday and in particular the performance of keyboardist Vince Hurley. He really gets into the groove and his performance can best be described as highly energetic. Unfortunately, when he performed the handstand (as you do) on his piano, the instrument gave way and crashed to the ground.

Game trouper as he is Hurley picked himself up, dusted himself down (I feel a song coming on) and carried on.

Highlight of the festival by miles!

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