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Advice Of The Week


You can’t travel far on our motorways without being bombarded by patronising signs like “Let’s all get home safely” and “Don’t drink and drive”. While these pieces of advice are eminently sensible, they are so self-evident that you wonder why the authorities feel the need to display them. My theory is that having invested in these digital display boards they feel the need to deploy them. This might explain the preponderance of hoax warnings – I get irritated by warnings of queues or mandatory speed restrictions ahead when there is nary a sniff of trouble.

But perhaps humans are becoming more stupid than we think, if this story I read from Russia this week is to be believed. Showing a caring side that we in the west find barely credible, the Russian police have found it in their hearts to launch a Safe Selfies campaign, following concerns about the numbers of Russians killed or injured by the selfie-craze – 10 dead and 100 hurt this year.

The instructions warn against standing on railway tracks, climbing on to roofs and posing with a gun or a tiger. Showing that the phone is smarter than the owner, two young men were killed in the Urals – particularly painful I’m told – whilst posing for a selfie with a hand grenade with the pin pulled out. The phone and picture were all that survived. Only last week a woman fell from a bridge in Moscow whilst trying to take a picture.

A cool selfie could cost you your life, they warn. Advice we would all do well to bear in mind.


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