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Champion Of The Week


Gosh, it only seems twelve months ago since I was reporting on last year’s Wife Carrying World Championship and here it is again. Held last weekend in Sonkajärvi in eastern Finland it was won for the second year on the trot by Ville Parviainen. Oddly, Parviainen completed the course with a different partner, Sari Viljanen, to the one he won with in 2014, Janette Oksman.

Perhaps the definition of wife is a little loose or perhaps, perturbed by the increasing weight of his then partner, Ville ditched her for a lighter model. Who knows? Although having a lighter partner is clearly beneficial, the downside is your wife’s weight determines the amount of beer you win. But, perhaps, the laxity in definition is a nod of the head towards greater political correctness. Next thing you know there will be same sex couples competing.

Anyway, Ville and Sari completed the 253.5 metre course which is a mix of land and water-based obstacles in a time of 1 minute 2 seconds, a second faster than last year. Runners up were previous winners, Taisto Miettinen and Krista Haapalainen and a Russian couple were third.

A report I read called this a tongue-in-cheek competition. Judging by the successful carrying style, it looks more like an ear-to-cheek competition to me!


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