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Enterprise Of The Week


I write elsewhere a paean to the telephone box, the need for which has sadly been diminished as a result of the phenomenal rise of the mobile phone, much to the regret and discomfort of those with weak bladders. Those that are left sit rather like beached whales or dinosaurs who have survived the meteor strike on our streets, a reminder of when life was less frenetic and more fun.

I was delighted to read this week of an enterprising scheme called Thinking outside the Box which has secured planning permission to turn the boxes into kiosks and rent them out.

The first taker is Jake Hollier who has opened up a coffee shop in a box situated in Birmingham’s Eden Place. His gaff boasts a coffee machine and sausage rolls but nowhere to sit. He is hoping to attract passing trade, otherwise he might have to consider selling squash.

Two units have subsequently opened up in Brighton (natch), one selling coffee and the other ice cream.

I’m all in favour of anything that preserves our iconic red telephone boxes.


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