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Fauna Of The Week (2)


The animal kingdom continues its fight back against Homo sapiens in unusual ways as these three stories which came to my attention this week show.

Spending time in chokey can’t be a barrel of fun, even if you are incarcerated on the island of Corfu and the natural inclination must be to plot your escape. Some prisoners holed up in the prison’s B wing, doubtless having watched some World War 2 movies, decided to dig out and had completed a tunnel several metres long when they were rumbled by a dog out on its morning perambulation.

The pooch stopped still and wouldn’t budge, its attention grabbed by the suspicious sounds below. Its owner called the Old Bill and the tunnel complete with prisoners, battery-powered fans and plastic containers of food was discovered.

Spare a thought for poor Turkish president, Recep Erdogan. Opening a new mosque in Rize on the Black Sea he released some birds, as seems to be the custom. Alas, one – a partridge –  startled by its release flew straight into his head. Both parties seem to have emerged from the encounter unscathed. Would have been funny to see what would have happened if the bird had flown into the barnet of Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

And, finally, four people were gored to death last weekend during bull runs across Spain, bringing the total over the summer to ten. It promises to be one of the deadliest bull-running seasons on record. It is being suggested that with the closure of bull-fighting arenas due to austerity cuts in Spain, the larger bulls that were bred for encounters with matadors are being released to participate in the more anarchic bull runs.

Maybe or it may just be that the bulls are able to get their own back for once.

But just to prove they’re not getting it all their own way, the ground-dwelling night parrot, which had not been spotted for just over one hundred years and which was feared to be extinct has been spotted in Queensland, condemning it to being pursued by twitchers. The key to it not being seen might just be in its name!

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