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Discovery Of The Week (3)


It is frustrating to queue for an ice cream and by the time you have paid for it find that it has melted into a ball of messy gloop that you have to wolf down as quickly as possible. So it was music to my ears to discover this week that , according to scientists from the universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, those days may soon be no more.

The intrepid scientists have discovered a protein, known as BslA, which binds together air, fat and water, forming a more stable mix and which, if incorporated in the manufacture of ice cream, will ensure that it will melt at a slower rate than we experience today.

There are some additional benefits. The use of the protein should ensure that ice creams have a finer, smoother texture more akin to luxury brands and – an added bonus, this – allow the product to be made with lower levels of saturated fat, reducing the calorific value.

Don’t get too excited, though. The protein won’t be available for commercial usage for another three to five years. But, for once, science has done something useful!

Isn’t science wonderful?


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