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Earner Of The Week


Have you been to a railway station recently? Wandering around the concourse you would almost be tempted to think that the running of a train service is an afterthought. The concourse is given over to Mammon. Whereas once you would be lucky to find a place to buy a magazine and get a cup of coffee now you can buy yourself a whole new wardrobe, dine out on a wide range of foods and drink to your heart’s content. Your major station has turned into one great big money-making machine.

No more so than having sated your appetite and slaked your thirst you decide you want to relieve yourself. Carseys on trains are a bit hit and miss – many are out of order and those that are in service are only for the absolutely desperate. The problem is you now generally have to pay to use a bog in a station and for Network Rail it is big business.

It was revealed this week that the toilets at London Victoria station generated £2.3m last year and those at Euston £1.8m. The top regional earner was Manchester Piccadilly which generated £1.115m while Edinburgh Waverley weighed in with £752k.

Mind boggling really but as they say, where there’s muck, there’s brass.

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