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Nonsense Of The Week


Every sub-culture throughout the ages has developed its own argot, if only to keep one step ahead of those who want to snoop or clamp down on their activities. Once the code has been broken, it is modified and the whole process starts again.

Knowing how slowly the wheels of Whitehall grind into action it is astonishing to think that a collection of Sir Humphreys and Lady Henriettas could pull together anything which claims to be the latest on what is going on down on the street. But that is what the Department of Education claim to have done with a website called Parent Info, designed, rather like the work of the boffins at Bletchley Park, to provide the vital clues to enable concerned aka nosey parents to interpret the acronyms that proliferate in their sprogs’ inane social media ramblings.

So we are led to believe that POS means that a parent is over the texter’s shoulder inhibiting their musings on the meaning of life, IWSN signifies that the texter wants sex now, MOOS means member of the opposite sex and so on.

Almost certainly, if there was any substance to all this it is old hat now. Be prepared to see the acronym DUIIOPI (don’t use it is on Parent info) popping up in your unsavvy sprog’s texts.

Don’t get me wrong cyber-bullying and on-line grooming is a problem but to think that a group of civil servants can crack it with a website is JPS (just plain silly).


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