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Bird Of The Week


If you were a bird the last place you would think of flying around is Malta. After all, the Maltese voted in a referendum in April this year to resume the spring hunting of migratory birds and they are not averse to blasting protected species out of the skies at any time.

Astonishingly though, reports reached me this week that possibly up to three pairs of peregrine falcons, known as Maltese falcons, have been spotted on the island. It was way back in the 1980s that the last pair were unequivocally confirmed as breeding on Gozo. Inevitably, they were shot.

The falcons became associated with the island because the Knights of St John, in return for the islands in fief, had to pay a nominal rent of a falcon on All Saints’ Day each year.

Hope they survive. Time for a hunting party of American dentists, do you think?


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