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Errors Of The Week


I couldn’t decide between these so I thought I would share both with you.

As a child I was always fascinated with the prospect of being a demolition man – there must be something intensely satisfying in pushing a button and seeing a major edifice come tumbling down, although I always preferred the wrecking ball. It was a more protracted process and it seemed to me you got more fun.

One of the iconic symbols of shocking urban planning was the enormous tower blocks on Red Road in Glasgow, once the tallest residential blocks in Europe. The remaining six blocks were scheduled to be demolished last weekend and after months of planning the demolition specialists hired by Glasgow Housing Association were ready to press the button.

When the dust had settled everyone was astonished to see that two were still intact. According to a spokeperson – they are renowned for stating the bleeding obvious – “all did not go completely to plan”. The red-faced Association are planning to bring the remaining towers down in the near future – oops!

What do you get when you mix pogonophobia with Islamophobia? An incident which occurred in Brahehus just north of the Swedish city of Jönköping.

A passer-by saw a group of bearded individuals posing for a photograph with a sign which from a distance could have been mistaken for an Isis flag. Naturally they phoned the old Bill who turned up post-haste. What they found was a group of pogonophiles called the Bearded Villains posing for a team photo with their new flag which was on its maiden outing.

Still, you can’t be too careful!

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