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Mirage Of The Week


Strange goings on in China, I hear. The denizens of the area around Jiangxi and Foshan have claimed to have seen the image of a city skyline up in the clouds and, judging by the photographs, you can see what they mean. It is something I’ve seen from time to time but normally after copious quantities of hooch or other stimulants.

One of the explanations behind the phenomenon which has found favour with the locals is that those running dog imperialists at Nasa are perfecting their techniques to stage manage the second coming of the Lord. After all, they managed to convince us that they had landed on the moon.

But, alas, there is a more prosaic explanation; that it is a Fata Morgana, which occurs when rays of light pass through air layers of different temperatures and distorts objects which are far away. So they really were skyscrapers or at least images from real skyscrapers. Shame. I liked the Nasa theory.


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