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Pest Of The Week


Aren’t you just sick of migrants coming over here from Eastern Europe wreaking havoc with our British way of life? Take the emerald ash borer.

This tiny beetle has moved from Asia, through Russia and the Baltic states and has landed on these shores imperilling our dwindling stock of ash trees. It is likely to finish the job started off by ash dieback disease, with the ability to kill trees in two to three years. The larvae feed off the tree, disrupting the flow of nutrients and water to the tree. They spread at a rate of 25 miles a year and are thought to have come into the country in firewood imported from Eastern Europe.

The biologist at Queen Mary’s College in charge of finding which of the world’s 35 species of ash is resistant to the beetle and the disease, Richard Buggs – you couldn’t make it up – has his hopes on the Manchurian ash.

In the meantime spot checks will be carried out on imported firewood to halt the beetle’s spread.

Don’t tell Nigel!


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