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Dog Poo Wars – Update


Whilst my attention has been diverted to affairs in the Middle East I almost missed another development in the on-going war against pavement fouling.

The Northamptonshire District Council of Daventry has just introduced special powers where they can fine a dog owner £100 if they take their dog out for a walk and are unable to produce a poop bag on demand, irrespective of whether their dog has decorated the pavement with its logs or not. Failure to pay the fine could lead to a visit in front of the beak and a £1,000 fine.

Enforcement officers will not have the power to stop and search but are entitled to ask the dog walker a pertinent question.

Dog owners claim it is a sledgehammer to crack a nut, an interesting turn of phrase, but the Council claim that 73% of those who were consulted approved of the measures.

I will follow this with interest.

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