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Good Fortune Of The Week


Money may not grow on trees but in Austria, at least judging by this report which caught my attention this week, it floats on water.

Bystanders were somewhat surprised to see a young man jump into the waters of a tributary of the Danube to fish out a wad of €100 and €500 notes to the combined value of some €100,000. Whether he was a Goth or not, I don’t know, but their first thoughts were that he was trying to kill himself until they saw him resurface with wads of dosh, Loadsamoney style.

The Austrian police are mystified as to where the money came from as there have been no reports of criminal activity in the area. It may just be a simple case of money laundering.

Anyway, the youth stands to gain a minimum of 5 to 10% of the loot if it is claimed and all of it if it is unclaimed after a year. Worth getting wet for, methinks.


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