A wry view of life for the world-weary

A New Day Yesterday – Part Eleven


A month or so into retirement are there things I miss? Here is my starter for nine.

What I am not missing

  • Getting up at 5.09 am. Strange to relate so ingrained are my sleep patterns into my circadian rhythm that I find I still wake up around that time and then spend the next couple of hours tossing and turning in a vain attempt to fall back into the arms of Morpheus. I thought that when I packed up work I would spend the next four months in semi-hibernation, catching up on all the sleep lost over decades to wage slavery. But it doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment. And I am still falling asleep during the evening on the settee. Despite not sleeping as much as I thought I would there is still something deeply comforting in the knowledge that even though I’m awake I don’t have to get up.
  • Catching the 5.56 from Farnborough to Waterloo. This 12 carriage train had enough space to ensure you got a seat but it was often like a scene from a horror movie with bodies stretched out all over the place, desperately trying to catch a few zeds.
  • South West trains’ inventiveness in coming up with excuses for the delay or cancellation of their services. Cancelled due to emergency improvement works was always my favourite.
  • Business lunches, eating over-priced sub-standard fare with people you don’t really want to be with on the off-chance that you might sell them something. No thanks! And I have managed to shift half a stone!
  • Dreadful London pubs, serving warm beer to undiscerning clients. We are so lucky to have a wonderful local near Blogger Towers. Long may it continue!

What I am missing

  • My daily cup of coffee from Moo La La on the London side of Farnborough station, served by the cheery Karen. I am getting withdrawal symptoms just writing this.
  • Structure to the day. Whether you realise it or not, when working your day is compartmentalised. Time to think and write my blog on the journey, work, leisure reading on the journey back. Perhaps, psychologically, I need that discipline because I find that in a more relaxed environment it takes longer to achieve things. I’m all at sea!
  • Culture on the doorstep. One of the joys of working in London was that there are so many world-class art galleries and museums on the doorstep where, when you want to escape from the madness of the working day, you can lose yourself for an hour. Now , rusticated in Blogger Towers a trip to any gallery is an expedition and a speculative visit to see some new-fangled modern artist whom you are going to hate seems a bit too much effort. I just hope that I will make the most of my membership cards.
  • Bumping into people on the street. Walking along Fenchurch Street and Lime Street I would always bump into someone from my past. Always unexpected and generally a pleasure.

In management speak, that is my balanced scorecard. Room for improvement, methinks.

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