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Robbery Of The Week


Roadside vending machines, a rarity here in Blighty, seem to present an irresistible challenge to some as this story of Christmas Day derring-do from Schoeppingen in Germany shows.

There, it seems, you can buy condoms from these handy vending machines. Our three desperadoes decided to steal the contents. The obvious way to get your hands on the loot and contraband would be to apply some form of explosives.

All went well until the device had been triggered. The three malefactors jumped back into their car and the force of the explosion was such that the area was strewn with debris and condoms. The problem was that flying debris can be unpredictable in the way it travels. The sensible place to hide was back in the car. Alas, though, one of the trio was not quick enough, failed to close his car door in time, was hit on the head by flying debris and died.

The moral of the story is that it always pays to take precautions.

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