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For logophiles Tuesday was the landmark day when the word wazzock entered the illustrious pages of Hansard, that verbatim record of parliamentary debate.

The subject being debated was whether to ban the Presidential candidate Donald Trump, he of the astonishing hair, from these shores. The MP for Louth and Horncastle, Victoria Atkins, conjectured that some of her Lincolnshire constituents might describe him as a wazzock. Too right.

Despite its bucolic sound – it is the sort of word you might find sprinkled in a Rambling Sid Rumpo ditty – the first recorded use of the term, defined by the Oxford English dictionary as a stupid and annoying person, is attributed to the folk singer, Mike Harding, who used it in his 1976 One Man Show.

Tony Capstick also used it to great effect in 1981, “you great useless spawny-eyed parrot-faced wazzock”.

Donald down to a T, I would say.


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