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Red Face Of The Week


I may be over-sensitive but I find the odours emanating from the shops belonging to the Lush chain rather sickly and, frankly, offensive. But their products seem to be popular and no doubt they will see a boost in sales as desperate chaps try and find an appropriate gift for their Valentine. Perhaps, though, Lush need to be a bit more explicit in their instructions if this news story which came to my attention this week is anything to go by.

Abi Shenton was using a bath product from Lush and found to her horror, after three days’ use, that it had left her face a fluorescent shade of pink. As is the modern way, she tweeted Lush with a photo of herself and asked the million dollar question, whether their products were meant to stain the human skin a brighter shade of pink.

Obviously the answer was no but after further investigation it turned out that she had been using what was a bath bomb as soap. La Shenton removed the stain using lemon juice, olive oil and a gritty face wash. So no harm done!

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