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Discovery Of The Week (5)


We seem to be on the subject of rats this week.

The Richardson family from Ongar took delivery of their groceries ordered on-line from the, appropriately named, Gallows Corner branch of Tesco. As Mrs Richardson was unloading the shopping her daughter spotted a rat in one of the crates, sitting next to the Smarties, eggs and tins. The shock was so much for the daughter that she collapsed.

Obligingly, the delivery man took the rat away – all part of the comprehensive home delivery service offered by the supermarket. And as for compo, Mrs Richardson, who has vowed never to darken their website again, received a replacement tray of groceries and some flowers as a gesture of goodwill.

We now move our spotlight to Wiltshire and the town of Trowbridge and more specifically the Albany Palace, a Wetherspoons gaff. Reece Coombs was with his partner enjoying the wholesome fare on offer when a rat appeared and apparently not only ran up Reece’s trouser leg but had the audacity to take a chip from his hand. The pub was evacuated for around half an hour during which time pest control officers found two rats.

As for compo, Wetherspoons have offered a full refund of their £25 meal.

Perhaps we are never more than six feet from a rat after all!


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