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Court Cases of The Week


Some people need saving from themselves.

To some getting a two year suspended sentence for selling cannabis is seen as a bit of a result and not a cause for remorse and contrition. Daniel Sledden and his bro, Samuel, were up before the beak, Beverley Lunt, earlier this month at Burnley Crown Court. As is the modern way Daniel celebrated his good fortune by posting a message on Facebook.

In some quarters the message – “Cannot believe my luck 2 year suspended sentence beats the 3 year jail yes pal. Beverley Lunt go suck my cock” – was seen as being in poor taste and has landed Sledden in hot water again. His case was not helped, I’m sure, by his brother’s response, “Bet we wouldn’t get a chance like this agen (sic)”. Their sentences were due to be reviewed again this week – by la Lunt – but the hearing was postponed while the full transcript of the sentencing process was analysed to assess the degree of their remorse. In the meantime they were remanded in custody.

The undoubted delights of BDSM have passed me by but I would have thought that if you went into business with a dominatrix you shouldn’t be surprised if she was bullying and intimidating – goes with the territory, I would have thought. But Steve Dawson thought otherwise after his relationship and business with Laura Bell fell apart.

Dawson took Bell to court in an attempt to get what he thought was his just desserts from their home and business but in 2014 Judge Anthony Havelock-Allen ruled in Bell’s favour, pointing out that contractually she had him over a barrel – S&M position 34. As the man in the wig said,“assessing the credibility of a claimant who has a fetish for female domination and claims to have been the victim of duress and intimidation by his female partner is not easy”.  The case came before the Court of Appeal this week and the three learned judges confirmed the ruling.


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