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Revelation Of The Week


More news on the sorry state that is Britain was revealed by a YouGov survey published this week.

400 of the 2,000 adults who took part in the survey had forgotten how to work out fractions and percentages. 500 had trouble remembering how to do long division and 460 long multiplication.

Our grasp of the fundamentals of English is no better. 680 of the 2,000 respondents were unclear what an oxymoron was whilst 480 were as happy as clams to profess their ignorance of similes and 400 did not feel blue about their inability to explain a metaphor.

Astonishingly only 360 admitted to being uncertain about the rules governing the use of apostrophe’s and 340 on when to use a comma,

Knowledge of basic scientific concepts was even sketchier. Mitosis, the division of cells, had passed 840 respondents by and 480 couldn’t recall the names of all the planets.

A sad state of affairs, indeed.

weoley castle

Been to Weoley Castle near Birmingham? Me neither. It was revealed this week that just 5,205 bothered last year, making it the least visited tourist attraction in England in 2015. On the one hand, another sad reflection on the state of the nation but on the other, at least it is an achievement!


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