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Good News Of The Week


Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I enjoy a pint of foaming English ale or two and if drunk in moderation I have found its effects to be relaxing and not unpleasant. What I was unaware of, though, was that it was actually doing me some good.

I read this week that researchers from the University of Lanzhou have discovered that the antioxidant found in hops, xanthohumol or Xn to its mates, can delay or even prevent the onset of dementia and other forms of cognitive decline. This is In addition to the already recognised anti-cancer, anti-oxidation and heart protective properties of hops.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised – after all, hops have been a vital and active ingredient in Chinese medicine for centuries. This reinforces a study last year which showed that the moderate consumption of beer resulted in a larger hippocampus and a better episodic memory – you know those nights when you can remember bits and pieces but not the whole picture. It is that word moderate I have problems with though.

But make no mistake, beer is good for you!



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