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Photographs Of The Week


I’ve never really taken to photography. Rather like Christopher Isherwood I am a camera and rely on my sight to capture and memory to recall what I have seen. And I have never really seen the point of selfies. Why would you want a photo of yourself when there is so much better and more beautiful to record?

But the mania for selfies and portraits continues apace. Last week we had Ben Innes who thought it would be clever to have his photo taken with the alleged hijacker, Seif Eldin Mustafa, on board Flight MS181. Astonishingly, Mustafa, who must have been as surprised as a Jehovah’s Witness is when invited to come inside, agreed and a stewardess who presumably had nothing better to do took the snap. Technically not a selfie, I know, but an act of crass stupidity if there ever was one.

But that was topped this week by the antics of the Skegness duo, Daniel Hutchinson and Benjamin Robinson, who toured the UK breaking into gambling machines. If being caught with over a thousand £1 coins in their car was not enough, the pair took selfies at the scenes of their crime (natch) and posted them on social meejah (natch).

Showing the results of the combined brainpower of the PR division of North Yorkshire police, DCI Matt Walker observed, “we knew we hit the jackpot when we investigated these lemons”. Collapse of stout party.


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