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Pumpkin Update (4)


Defending a title is harder than winning it, I always think. After last year’s success – the largest pumpkin I grew and BoJ1 decorated won the best pumpkin competition at his nursery – the pressure is on to emulate it.

Today, with BoJ1 in attendance and to add his invaluable assistance, was the day I decided to plant my pumpkin seeds – 4 left over from last year and 4 Big Max, which technically are not pumpkins but rather squash-type pumpkins. The latter have grown up to 300 lbs I’m told. I will be satisfied with one a tenth of that weight.

Composted, watered, placed in a propagating tray in the dining room where they will get the sun, I have my fingers crossed that they will start to germinate. I thought it would good for him to see the process from seed to soup, as the Americans might say.

I will keep you posted from time to time of progress or disasters.

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