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Employee Of The Week


The French may not have a word for entrepreneur but they can be pretty inventive when they come to suing their employers.

Take the case of Frederic Desnard which came to my attention this week. Working as a manager at Interparfum, he claims that he was sidelined and given so little to do, mainly menial tasks, that he was bored out of his mind and suffered depression, triggering an epileptic fit.

Desnard went on to say, “I was ashamed of being paid for doing nothing”, a sentiment whilst undoubtedly laudable many of us will find hard to comprehend. The French have a phrase for this sidelining of employees – mis au placard, their equivalent of being assigned to special projects. Inevitably, Desnard was made redundant and, just as inevitably, he is suing his fragrant employers for compo to the tune of 360,000 euros.

It will be interesting to see how this will turn out, although Desnard seems to have previous. He was fined 1,000 euros last December for defaming his employers.


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