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Pumpkin Update (5)


Real gardening isn’t like gardening on TV. It is not a question of sowing a few seeds, standing back and, hey presto, something miraculous emerges. There is a lot of frustration and trial and error involved.

Sad to relate, the pumpkin seeds that BoJ1 and I planted a few weeks back have not taken. Whether they were overwatered at the outset or it was too cold or they were planted the wrong way round or whether it was just bad luck, who knows?

Still, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, as the proverb says, so undaunted I planted a second crop. Less watering, more soil, seeds placed carefully edgeways and seven days later there were signs of activity. Four are now of a size to be transplanted to larger pots. So disaster may have been averted.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Alexander Pope said that. And in my plant pots. I said that!


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