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Sign Of The Times


Are we getting to the point where a mail system will be a thing of the past? Pretty much all we get through our letter box these days are bills and circulars; communications with friends and family being conducted by telephone or e-mail. And when once you could set your watch by the time your post would be delivered, nowadays it can arrive at any time of the day.

At least we still have the option of first or second class and, generally, a letter posted first class will arrive the next day, a source of comfort for those of us who suddenly remember a birthday at the last minute. But there are ominous signs abroad.

Post Danmark has announced this week that in order to save costs it is abolishing its two tier delivery system – the more expensive takes a day to arrive and the cheaper three days – with a one size fits all service which will take your missive five days to be delivered. This surely has to be the epitome of snail mail.

And in Finland the state-run postal service Posti have announced that they will be offering a lawn mowing service on Tuesdays – postal deliveries are lightest on that day, apparently. Those wanting to avail themselves of the service can choose between a 30 or 60 minute session and will have to provide their own mower. A half hour session will cost 65 euros.

Sign of the times, indeed.


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