Quadratic Equation Of The Week


How do you like to fill in the time during a flight? For me a good book and as much gin as I can get down my neck will suffice. But for associate economics professor, Guido Menzio, who boarded an American Air flight from Philadelphia to Syracuse, there is nothing better than exercising the grey cells with a fiendish quadratic equation.

Naturally, solving the equation involves head scratching, the sucking of a pencil and the feverish scrawling of indecipherable symbols. The passenger sitting next to him tried to strike up conversation with the prof but he was so immersed in his thoughts that he ignored her prattle.

The next thing he knew she had called a stewardess and passed a note denouncing Menzio as a terrorist because she didn’t recognise the script he was writing. As a security precaution Menzio was hauled off the flight and interrogated by staff who realised that he was innocently preparing for a presentation he was going to make later.

Having proven his innocence he was allowed to reboard the plane which had been delayed for 1.5 hours.

The woman, unnamed but sure to be a Trump supporter, was put on another flight.

I will stick to a book and my gin in future.

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