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Surgical News Of The Week


Thomas Manning from Halifax, Massachusetts, had his penis amputated in 2012 after penile cancer was diagnosed. News reached me this week that the 64-year-old had a new penis from a donor attached following a 15 hour operation at Massachusetts General Hospital earlier this month. Although this is the first successful transplant in the States, doctors in South Africa performed a similar operation in 2014 on a 21 year-old whose todger had to be amputated after a botched circumcision.

It will take some weeks before some of the functions will return – after all, as a hospital spokesperson remarked, they are in uncharted waters, a not altogether appropriate remark, methinks.

Manning’s good fortune, if that is what it is, will come as some welcome news to a 32-year-old man who checked into a New Delhi hospital, according to this week’s BMJ Case Reports medical journal, complaining of a severe pain in his penis, a loss of tumescence and a snapping sound during a vigorous bout of intercourse. The unfortunate was diagnosed as having a penile fracture, a tear in the muscle, which occurs when an erect penis undergoes a blunt trauma during sexual intercourse or when the penile shaft is bent.

Doubt he can afford the estimated $75,000 Manning’s operation is estimated to have cost but the cast should save him some money in condoms and Viagra.


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