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Toilet Of The Week (4)


This week’s featured toilet is of the squat variety which was located in the home of Attaporn Boonmakchuay in Chachoengsao in Thailand. Prior to going to work Attaporn went about his business only to feel a sharp pain in his penis. Looking down he saw to his horror that a 10 foot python had locked its fangs on to his todger.

The snake was pulling hard and tried to yank him down the toilet but Attaporn was able to summon assistance, prising its jaws open while his wife tied a rope around the reptile. Not unsurprisingly he passed out and was taken to hospital where he is reported to be making a good recovery.

The python, which is thought to have climbed through the pipework, was released into the wild. Mr Boonmakchuay is proposing to replace the squat toilet with a sitting one, although I’m not sure that will solve the problem.


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